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President & CEO

Leanne Blanton incorporated EmCo Consulting in 2001, driven by her vision of continually improved waste management services utilizing sustainable solutions.  As a business and technology-focused executive, Leanne has a balanced style of leadership, with over 25 years of experience in the waste industry. Leanne is a graduate of the University of West Florida and holds a bachelor's degree in legal administration.



Sustainability  Manager

Kelly Sanchez is EmCo Consulting's Sustainability Manager. Kelly develops and implements sustainability initiatives using strategic practice, identifying value-add opportunities where investment in time and resources deliver a measurable, positive impact. She also oversees employee skill development and marketing;  playing a key role in defining EmCo's path forward on sustainability, broadly inclusive of social, economic, and environmental issues. 



Program Manager

Justin Gorum is EmCo Consulting's Program Manager and is responsible for overseeing consultant operations, verifying contract adherence, and assisting with the achievement of client goals. Justin brings a modern, cutting-edge approach to his work with his knowledge of current industry standards while maintaining a client focus.

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Director of Finance

Debbie Harrah oversees EmCo Consulting, Inc.'s finance department to obtain and manage purchase orders, invoicing and internal and external financial process flow. Debbie brings to EmCo over 25 years of financial experience and supervises the daily operations of the accounting team.

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