President & CEO

EmCo Consulting was incorporated in 2001 when Leanne decided to make the world a better place for her children through her work. Her vision of sustainable solutions for industries nation-wide led her to form the renowned EmCo Consulting that we know today.


Director of Operations

Kim Morrison is EmCo Consulting's Director of Operations; overseeing day-to-day operations, contract administration, client relations, and more. Kim brings her expertise cultivated through her 30 year career to EmCo Consulting with a passion for environmental solutions.


Business Development Manager

Kelly Sanchez is EmCo Consulting's Business Development Manager. Kelly plays a key role in internal and external company relations and manages the business development activities of EmCo. She oversees employee development, marketing, sales initiatives, and is responsible for identifying opportunities for efficiency and company growth.


Consultant Supervisor

Justin Gorum is EmCo Consulting's Consultant Supervisor and is responsible for overseeing consultant operations, verifying contract adherence, and assisting with the achievement of colleague and client goals. Justin brings a modern, cutting-edge approach to his work with his knowledge of current industry standards while maintaining a client focus.


Head of Finance

Debbie Harrah oversees EmCo Consulting, Inc.'s finance department to obtain and manage purchase orders, invoicing and internal and external financial process flow. Debbie brings to EmCo over 20 years of financial experience and supervises the daily operations of the accounting team.

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