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Waste and Utility Management

  Aerospace to Waste Management 

EmCo Consulting, Inc. acts as an independent agent, helping hospitals and other medical ancillaries as well as commercial companies of all sizes to reduce expenses related to cradle to grave waste disposal.  EmCo is nationally utilized, specializing in REGULATED MEDICAL WASTE STREAMS, recycling programs, and a broad range of utility services.

We provide an outsourced, centralized, and single-source solution for our clients.  Our innovative programs enable you to efficiently manage waste diversion within solid and medical waste removal and recycling services; thus significantly reducing your costs and thereby balancing environmental responsibility with corporate profitability to actually increase your bottom line. Being environmentally accountable doesn't have to take a bite out of profits.

EmCo provides high quality 24/7 professional service, along with legislative tracking updates on utility deregulation, mandatory medical and recycling laws, and the ever changing HIPAA, OSHA and state regulations.  We consolidate services for our clients with multiple locations and assist with the leasing and purchasing of new equipment.   

Hiring EmCo requires no funding, no budgetary review, no capital outlay, no risk and no time.  EmCo is not adding to your project list – it’s taking away. We do all the work and you simply enjoy the significant return of savings!  EmCo is available now and ready to dedicate its time and resources to save you time and money. Ask one of our professional consultants for more detailed information today.

  • On-site audits
  • Service benchmarking
  • Vendor Sourcing
  • Accounts Payable and Invoicing
  • Waste Steam Diversion Management
  • Legal compliance
  • Guaranteed Savings



Our team encompasses

B.S. Business Administration,

B.A. Legal Administration,  

B.S. Economics to 

B.A. Human Resources.

We also have additional professional staff with years of accounting,

invoicing and negotiations.

We have decades of experience in financial assessments with cost reduction emphasis as well as business collaborations, data collection and documentation in waste stream diversion and recycling.